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The range of General AC's is a highly energy efficient and environment friendly variety of air conditioners. These are highly energy efficient and save electricity. The design of General products is prepared in a manner that helps in saving valuable ozone layer. Dedicated to make a greener future, General is offering following AC's under this category:

Window Air Conditioners

An efficient hyper rotary compressor, Fujitsu fan motor and unique drawless fins result in faster and better cooling. Moreover, a 9stage pre-treated coating prevents rust, making them extremely durable.

  • The air flow direction can be freely adjusted
  • Deodorant and Anti-bacterial filter
  • Effective Tropical Hyper Rotary Compressor

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Turn on a greener planet

These extreme machines incorporate futuristic technologies, to give you powerful cooling and power savings. Earning them five star ranking* by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency India (BEE), a rating accorded only to the crème de la crème among air conditioners. High-end features like an apple catechin filter and ion deodorization filter give you clean, fresh air.

Result: unmatched comfort and happiness. Go ahead, choose from a wide range – 9000 BTU to 30,000 BTU.

  • Apple catechin antibacterial filter stops growth of microbes
  • Consideration given to noise reduction
  • Auto Swing Louver
  • Negative air ions deodorizing filter
  • Multi Airflow
  • High efficiency
  • Powerful output in spite of small size


Truly top of the line

The ceiling cassette air conditioner from General is truly above every other air conditioner that you will see. It is ultra thin and sleek in design. It's easy to install. It is also easy to dismount. And because it can be mounted in the centre, at the top, the cassette air conditioner can throw air in multi direction, thereby giving uniform cooling to rooms of any shape or size. So, spare your walls and bring home the unobtrusive, truly top-of-the-line ceiling cassette air conditioner from General. Check out some of its high features.

  • Easy maintenance
  • Multi air flow system
  • Harmonised punch hole grill design
  • Low noise
  • Drain water lift upto 800 mm
  • Standard/slender fit
  • Program & sleep timer
  • Auto restart
  • Auto shut flaps
  • Adjustable air flow volume
  • Four way air deflection

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Ductable Air conditioning that makes good business sense.

General, the world- renowned premier air conditioning brand, now brings you a range of duct air conditioners. Extreme cooling machines for commercial space that make a whole lot of business sense.

  • Extreme comfort
  • The next level technology
  • Take your pick
  • Worth every rupee